Nationwide Warranty Services.

Unique Selling Proposition - Nationwide Coverage - 'A' Rated Insurance Carrier - Sales Process Training

Marketing & Branding

Drive more traffic with a powerful marketing message.

Selling & Closing

Integrate your Longterm Warranty Brand into your sales process and sell more cars.

Customer Retention

To remain eligible all you customers need to do is complete the factory recommended maintenance and keep their records.  Since you provided the warranty for no cost, they will choose to service with you so you can maintain the service records electronically.  


Our Longterm Powertrain Warranties are Backed by an A-Rated Insurance Carrier. 


Branding and Marketing platform that will drive more customers to your showroom.


Same Coverage as the Factory’s Powertrain Warranty, Customer’s can service and repair at any repair facility in the US & Canada, Only the Factory Scheduled Maintenance is require, Magnuson-Moss Compliant, Fully Insured, No contingent liability for the Dealer.


Create your brand.

It's easy to put your brand on paper, on a screen, or on electronic media. We bring the brand to life from the Zero Moment of Truth to the physical delivery and servicing of an automobile.


Traditional Advertising

Nationwide Warranty will assist you with creating traditional advertising for any medium. TV Radio Print Direct Mail and email marketing. We have templates for most with a proven track record.

Relevant Content

When the customer visits your website we meet their expectations. We assist in appointing the website with art and a education video on the warranty.

Conversion Tool

You will have the option to use intice® Trade-Incentive App to convert website traffic to showroom traffic. This powerful tool identifies the unique visitors on your site for you BDC.

Window Sticker

Each vehicle on your lot will have a addendum styled window sticker for the salesperson to present. The stickers are re-usable and UV rated.

Why Buy Here Laminate

Each salesperson will have a placemat styled presentation laminate on their desk. They are trained to present this just before going to the desk for figures.

Transition to Finance

Nationwide Warranty is the perfect T.O. to F&I. With heightened awareness of warranty coverage it makes it easier to sell what ever service contracts you are currently using.

Finance Laminate

Each Finance Manager will be provided a presentation laminate for service contracts. The laminate outlines the items not covered by the powertrain warranty and the benefits of purchasing a service contract.

Non Buyer Release

We developed a great take away for the non buyer. This paper version of the why buy here has shelf life with the customer and can be combined with your printed worksheet.

Service RO Laminate

All of the service writers will be issued presentation laminates as well. No more customers saying… “Just change the oil” They are trained to identify Nationwide Warranty customers and the benefits of doing the factory recommended maintenance to maintain their Nationwide Warranty.



Increase Traffic - Increase Sales - Increase Customer Satisfaction



NWS™ – Nationwide Warranty Services

Nationwide Communicator

Nationwide Video FAQ’s

Everyone has the Nationwide Warranty website FAQ’s and video on their web-enabled smart phone

Send A Referral

Customers can send a referral to your salespeople off their smartphone in seconds.

Service Appointment

Your customer is able to set a service appointment because our communicator is linked to your mobile service appointment page. No need to set anything different up the process stays the same its just easier for the customer.  

NC Inventory Search

Our The communicator is linked to your NC search page. What ever is on your website is visible here. 

UC Inventory Search

The communicator is linked to your UC search page. What ever is on your website is visible here.

Quick Connect

The communicator has a touch and call feature. We can program your main number as well as a number direct to service and parts departments.

Build A Brand with Value | Nationwide Warranty

Our digital environment provides an exciting way to set your brand in motion and allow customers to interact with it. By creating inspiring and innovative ways to connect with your audience, we can lift your dealership with larger market awareness by using a unique, value-added selling proposition.